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Are you feeling powerless and heartbroken over not knowing how to stop people dying from addiction?…. ….Because I am!

The Time to Help is NOW!

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Eating Protein Saves Lives!

Hi. I’m Christina Veselak.

I have worked as a counselor and nutritionist in the addiction field for over 40 years. During that time, I have seen many people relapse and even die, in spite of motivation and extensive treatment.


Addiction is well-known to be a bio-psycho/social and spiritual disorder.

However, traditional treatment, including 12-step programs, ignore the BRAIN as a driver of the addictive processes.

They only address the biochemistry of addiction through using more medication to treat symptoms, but meds only tweak the brain – they don’t actually feed the brain what it needs to function optimally and they don’t truly correct the underlying biochemical imbalances.

This is like sitting on a 3-legged stool with only 2 legs! It doesn’t take much to lose your balance and fall over! Thus, the high relapse rate?

However, nobody knows this!!!

While the natural health community has supported this approach for 70 odd years, it hasn’t made its way into the general public, nor into mental health and addiction treatment worlds. Therefore, many people have struggled and perhaps died unnecessarily.

Why it matters...

A well-fed brain helps us make good choices and feel good. Low blood sugar can cause us to be irritable, anxious, or angry. It can also be a trigger for those in recovery.

Fight or Flight

Blood sugar stability is tied closely to our moods, emotions and behaviors. When blood sugar drops too quickly or too low, the body produces a large amount of adrenaline. Adrenaline is a naturally occurring hormone that is released when we think we are in danger.

What if...

Q: What if we don’t do anything to stabilize our blood sugar?

A: We may have a drop in energy level, feel shaky or irritable, have difficulty thinking, or be vulnerable to grabbing food, drinks or other substances that may sabotage our positive coping skills.


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The Reason Why – What and When You Eat Matters To Recovery

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The Power of Eating Protein Story #1 – Alcohol Detox & Relapse Prevention

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The Power of Eating Protein Story #2 – Domestic Violence

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Healthy Eating on SNAP

Our Mission, Vision and Strategy

Our Mission

Educating both people in recovery and treatment providers that optimally feeding the recovering brain by eating protein throughout the day is crucial to reducing cravings, relapse and overdose deaths, as well as to supporting full engagement in a recovery journey.

Our Vision

Universal recognition that feeding the recovering brain by eating protein throughout the day is a foundational aspect of recovery.

Our Strategy

Nourish and Thrive Kit...

Feeding Recovery Network

Getting The Word Out...

Whose Lives Are We Seeking To Impact?

Those who are feeling powerless to help others and those who are feeling powerless to stop using substances themselves

How do you get involved?

FEED your recovery journey today!

Do you desire to make a difference in the world by helping people to create a successful recovery?​

Make Donation

Donate and start changing lives and also get access to our Eating Protein Saves Lives Library!

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The “Eating Protein Every 4 Hours Aids Relapse Prevention and Recovery” By Joining our Community and Receiving Our Ongoing Updated Resources (For minimum donation of $2)

Collaborate with us

Be part of our movement, collaborate and share your resources.


A safe space for people to…

I – Identify and explore their struggle with optimally feeding their brain and body and restoring balance.
II – Build new skills and habits through information, support and brain-storming.
III – Create a solid bio-chemical foundation for a sustainable recovery and serene life.


For a minimum of $5 donation, you’ll get access to our Eating Protein Saves Lives Resources!


Read the Feeding Recovery Flipbook by: Christina Veselak, MS, LMFT, CN. Learn how to take care and feed your recovering brain.

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The Time to Help is Now

The best ideas, no matter how simple they seem, need supporters like you. Our message can and should go viral. The emerging science is on our side. Help us to spread the word with billboard advertising. Let’s move forward and come together to share this powerful message. Eating protein saves lives!