Feeding Recovery Network

‘Feeding Recovery Network Meetings’

The NEW ‘Feeding the Brain and Body to Support Recovery’ Network


4pm Pacific
5pm Mountain
6pm Central
7pm Eastern
[Room Opens 10 Minutes Earlier]

Because feeding the brain appropriately is fundamental to a successful recovery journey.
People struggle! 

Traditional recovery groups, AA, SMART etc never or rarely allow space to discuss bio-chemical restoration and/or optimally feeding the recovering brain. 

Because we can!

A safe space for people to…

I – Identify and explore their struggle with optimally feeding their brain and body and restoring balance.

II – Build new skills and habits through information, support and brain-storming.

III – Create a solid bio-chemical foundation for a sustainable recovery and serene life.


People who want the above and those who have skills to share with others. Therefore we welcome anybody who needs the above support as well as those who have ‘3rd Leg of The Stool’ skills and information they can share with others.

Our Resources Page

Will grow to include books, coaches and links.

Alone: We Can't
Together: We can!

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4:50pm MT – Room Open: 10 Minutes

When you join the room, please write the following into the Zoom CHAT.…
      –      Introduce yourself with just your first name

  • One Feeding Recovery success from the last week and 
  • One Feeding Recovery goal for this meeting
  • and if you’re comfortable, name the town you are from

5:00pm – The Feeding Recovery Approach Overview: 15 Minutes

A brief summary of the Feeding Recovery Approach and how it supports individual recovery pathways. 

KEY ELEMENTS of the ‘Feeding Recovery Approach

  • ’The 3-Legged Stool’ – Why feeding the brain first is crucial
  • Use of the ‘5-Star Pro-Recovery Diet’(C)
  • Daily ‘Food ~ Mood ~ Craving Study’ – Linking Nutritional Intake, Mood and Behavior
  • ‘Neurotransmitter Balancing’ – Using amino acids and nutrient support as indicated
  • When desired use screening tool to identify underlying drivers of dis-ease, cravings and relapse – Get support to get appropriate healing resources
  • Healthy Lifestyle Balance – Proper Exercise, Sleep and Hydration

5:15pm Up to 40 Second Introductions  (To the facilitators bell, buzzer, clicker) – 30 Minutes 

Up to a 40-second opportunity to tell the group who you are and a strength, skill or tool you are working on developing AND a strength, skill or tool you can offer to others.
[Don’t worry if you don’t feel up to sharing with the group – Just say ‘Pass’ – Or When you turn comes around – you can drop yours in the ‘Chat’.] 

5:45pm Insight Slot – The Feeding Recovery System – 10 Minutes 

This is an insight (not a sales pitch) into a subject linked to the ‘Feeding Recovery’ Approach. It will be something that will inform, inspire or motivate our members and guests. Delivered by your host or a network member or network organisation with a valuable insight to share.

5:55pm Break-Out Groups – 20 Minutes  

  1. 5-Star Pro-Recovery Diet © / Food ~ Mood  ~ Cravings Charts / Support 
  2. Deeper Health Issues / NAQ Questions
  3. Sleep
  4. Shopping and Budgeting 
  5. Neurotransmitter / Amino Acid Therapy Charts

This is an opportunity to share more deeply and receive ‘Feeding Recovery’ support in areas that are challenging you.

6:15pm Discussion and Close at 6:30pm 

Share your BIG takeaway and your Feeding Recovery Intention for this coming week.